This amazing documentary from 2004 asks all the questions of the time about what happened on 9/11 2001. It has loads of footage and images and goes through each plane attack in detail with diagrams and computer renderings of possible theories. It has taken some flak over the years since its release but if anything, it has pushed the conspiracy community into checking facts more vigourously and aksing questions within the community to verify sources and promote better fact practice to keep the back slapping 9/11 echo chamber at bay.

For me, one of the best parts of this documentary are the explainations and information it gives about the Pentagon plane that hit. The images from before and after and pretty much debunks some fairly ropey evidence that it was a plane that hit the Pentagon at all! Plane parts, unburned paper, a 9m punch hole in the wall, and unouched grass verges all point to it being something other than the huge plane that was supposed to have hit!

One of the classic 9/11 documentaries and one that pulled me over to the dark side at the time I watched it all those years ago! This is a must watch for anyone looking into this conspiracy. Granted, there are some leaps in judgement and some assumptions made during the doc, but all in all, the images and video speak for themselves when you have the context behind them. Some reviews have said “it features both an exceedingly annoying crackpot theorist and outlandish, unsubstantiated allegations about blurrily pixelized photos that don’t really show anything” but you’ll have to watch it for yourself and find out!



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