Adam Lanzas father breaks his silence on Sandy Hook. Peter Lanza, who was allegedly involved in the LIBOR interest rates scandal, has denounced his son as ‘evil’ and wishes he had never been born.

The Sandy Hook School shooters father tells The New Yorker magazine that Adam was never normal, and was afraid for his own life. He believed his son was an undiagnosed psychopath and schizophrenic and his refusal to take the prescribed medication was a worrying sign.

In January of this year Peter Lanza agreed to The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission to help them recover mental health records from health care and service providers that worked with Adam, as a step towards lessening the culpability of Autism or Aspergers Syndrome from Adams actions on the day of the shooting.

Strangely Peter stated that ‘Adam was a big fan of Ron Paul’ and said Adam wrote a comic called ‘The Big Book of Granny’ which would foreshadow the events of the shooting. He also states that Adams severe Aspergers, and the social difficulties that are a result of this disorder, shielded mental health professionals from the fact there was something more sinister lurking underneath.

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