Bohemian Grove

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    Bohemian Grove is a campground located in California that belongs to a gentlemen’s club started in 1878 and every summer the elite of the world gather to celebrate and allegedly partake in satanic rituals like burning effigies and sacrificing virgins all while discussing global business dealings and collaborating to take over the world. The inauspicious beginnings of the Grove were far from this however, as it was started by a group of bohemian entertainers as a camping weekend trip and was infiltrated by the good and great of San Fransisco society in the late 19th Century.

    Recent videos of the shenanigans at the Grove from the likes of Alex Jones and Jon Ronson so very different sides to the operations at the Grove. The worship of a huge stone owl called Moloch is reported as well as burning bodies and chanting satanic prayers, among other more unsavoury activities. The history of the ideology behind the Grove is also under questions. Their society values secrecy over all else but a few whistle blowers have let the guard down and told of religious and fraternal rituals that have evolved over the 140 years since its inceptions

    Skull and Bones, The Order of Hubertus and the Rosicrucians, among many others, are some of the societies to be represented at Bohemian Grove during the summer festivities and details of former and future presidents and other global political dignitaries and famous actors, musicians and artists are also now public record.Accusations of controlling the world with these clandestine meetings are understandably frequent and the huge profile of the guests would lead an inquisitive mind to wonder what does go on behind closed doors.


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