For years debate over the use of psychedelics has raged within the minds of Conspiracy Guys. But it’s always been a long held belief that they expand the mind by opening up new neural pathways.

If only mainstream science would turn it’s well funded eye towards research that could change public perception of the use and value of psychotropics such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Ayohuasca.

Well some nerds have been at it, and has brought us this incredible graphic diagram in an article on their work

Patients were given a full FMRI scan after being given a placebo and then another after a dose of psilocybin. The results are fairly startling and have been represented graphically here.

The diagram shows the first placebo scan on the left and the psilocybin affected scan on the right. The coloured areas show different parts of the brain and the lines interconnecting them show neural pathways of communication.

The results are surprising if only for the extremity of the difference.

Now off to do some experiments of our own…

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