Cameron to the UN: Conspiracy theorists are as dangerous as ISIS


This video had us sit up and take some notice; UK Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the UN last month covering the well trodden topic of Islamic fundamentalism. In the 15 minute speech he maintains that all UN member states have a responsibility to act whenever and wherever terrorism rears it’s head. He calls for continued bombing campaigns in Iraq and states that an increase of troops and not a removal is what’s needed to work towards peace in the middle east. He asserts that history has taught us that we must re-act to all kinds of fundamentalism but in a different way than has been previously utilized.

It’s that different way that has us worried. Mr. Cameron goes on to say that extreme religious preaching and indoctrination into Islamic beliefs, even if presented in a completely non-violent format, should be banned. Stating this isn’t censorship he makes the comparison that we wouldn’t allow NAZIs or the Klu Klux Klan to preach non-violent agendas and have recruitment drives in schools.

This is his reasoning for censoring opinions and deporting or denying VISA access to the UK to anyone deemed inflamatory, even if they are staunchly non-violent.

He then went on to state as big a threat as the emergence of terror group ISIL are those who commit no crimes but spread ‘lies’ about anti-Muslim agendas or suggest that the 9/11 and 7/7 London attacks were conspiracies. He purports that these kind of allegations are what drive violent terror groups and the only way to stop such terror for good is to attack the source.

That source of terrorism being anyone who disagrees with the UK, US and UN agendas.

Our opinion is that the whole speech sounded far too ominous of a Patriot act type movement through the UK government and the UN.

Do you think more bombing and increased military presence in Iraq will help the situation as David Cameron suggests?

Do you think conspiracy theorists have a greater affect than the horrific history of war and discrimination at creating fundamentalism?

Is it alright to censor all peaceful protest and opinion on the basis it may be linked in some way to extremist groups?

We’ll be keeping you posted on any further developments on the UN, the war on terror and the new war on free speech and the freedom of information.

Tell us what you think!

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