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Conspiracy theories to do with education, its availability and its development, how it is used to polarize society, marginalize and alienate people and keep people misinformed and how educational institutions may be involved.

Podcasts? Apps, downloads, subscribing; it all seems too much? Here is an easy guide...

Podcast apps, downloads, subscribing; it all seems too much? Here is an easy guide to get you started. Those Conspiracy Guys podcast is now up on iTunes, so anyone who would like to check out our old episodes or listen to tonight's brand new episode, subscribe below. If you are using an android phone, you obviously can't get the iTunes podcast app on your phone; so below are a list of great podcasting apps and services for both iPhone and...

The University of British Columbia and their Ouija bot releasing human potential

The University of British Columbia's Visual Cognition Lab is using Ouija to unlock the subconscious. They had participants in their study answer yes or no questions using a Ouija Board with another person. With the responses averaging out, unsurprisingly, to 50% correct. Then participants were blindfolded and used the Ouija Board with a robotic arm mimicking their movements, or even with nothing, and accuracy of answers rose to 65%. Dr. Rensink of the UBC study maintains the results were due to...




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