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Conspiracies surrounding the environment, from GMOs, contagion cover-ups, oil-spills and fracking to Global warming and new evolutionary theories and all things in between.

What is the largest spider in the world?

You will be forgiven for giving this article a miss, but the question was raised in our D.U.M.Bs episode of really how big the biggest spider on Earth is, and has had us wondering the answer ever since. So in line with our mandate here on Those Conspiracy Guys we thought we'd scour the internet and subject ourselves to skin crawling pictures of giant spiders in order to provide you with a succinct terror free answer to add to the...

Should you punch a shark in the nose? It depends what he said about...

In our 'D.U.M.Bs in Dulce' episode we mentioned the Ampullae of Lorenzini, the extra sense of electro-reception possessed by sharks and some of their close relatives through a set of salty gel filled tubes dotted about the mouth and nose of sharks that act as voltmeters. The Ampullae amplify incoming electric signals and a nerve cluster at the bottom of each ampulla detect electrical impulses, changes in water temperature that affect ambient voltage and even the tiny electric charge...

The Missing Link doesn’t exist, it may just be a different branch off our...

Here's a really interesting article by the Observation Deck website entitled The Missing Link FAQs they explain the rise of the 'Missing Link' in popular science. The 'Missing Link' is the idea that there is a stage in human evolution as yet undiscovered that bridges our ancestry with the rest of the animal kingdom. It seems the term was coined in 1851 by Charles Lyell in relation to an undocumented rock formation stage which he dubbed 'the missing link'. Later in...

Sri Lankan mermaid princess

The story of Suvannamaccha, or Sue, is told in the Ramayana of various countries in South East Asia. According to the epic, Hanuman is instructed to make a bridge to Sri Lanka from India in order to rescue the central figure of the story, Sita, who is being held captive on the island. His attempts are hindered by a bunch of mermaids. The leader, Sue, is described as very beautiful, and Hanuman begins to fall in love with her, even...

Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes

In this video Elaine Morgan give us the theories behind this pseudoscientific study into the evolution of man. She asks questions of modern science, and why they are still struggling with missing parts of our evolutionary history. Aquatic Ape Theory suggests that we developed from Apes, surely, but how are humans and apes so similar yet so different. Many anthropologists suggest that this was our time in the water. An almost amphibious age in our development, would lead us to...




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