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Conspiracy theories to do with drugs and medicinal substances, both legal and illegal, the practices of the pharmaceutical industry and their uses to manipulate people and capitalism ideology.

Elvis Presley

The Life and Death of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley On this episode we take a long look at the tragically short life of one of the most iconic and influential musicians and pop culture figures the world has ever seen, Elvis Presley. His swift rise to fame, his trailblazing musical style, his groundbreaking cultural impact and his untimely and world renowned death make the story of Elvis Presley, one everyone should know in its entirety. In The Ghetto Born into abject poverty in Tupelo Mississippi and spent his early...
monsanto politics american flag

Monsanto Politics – The Roster

As we mentioned in our Monsanto episode, the scope of the biotech behemoth's influence doesn't stop at the purse strings of the farmers that they intimidate. Nor does it end with the public who are sometimes unwittingly ingesting their genetically modified products and weedkillers. It doesn't even end with the war chest available to them for dodgy but ostensibly legal activities like lobbying, costly lawsuits and ousting/absorbing any competition that might sprout up in their field. Their reach extends all the...


Is Monsanto Evil? On this Podcast we turn to the true fuel of the masses for the global debate with implications on the very future health of humanity. The topic of genetically modified organisms has become the dominant talking point in the world of modern agricultural industry. And at the very heart of that industry, and at the heart of the genetically modified seeds on which it runs, is one company. Monsanto has become synonamous with the very charicature of...

Psychedelics and the Awakening of Consciousness

Psychedelics and the Awakening of Consciousness On this Podcast we snuffle out some truffles of the magic variety as we ponder the nature of psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness. The psychotropic drugs that have for countless of millennia been an esoteric cornerstone of human culture. Some theorize they even played an invaluable effect on hominid evolution and produced the the first fully sentient mind on the path to homo sapiens. A kaleidoscopic array of mind altering substances exist today....

Peak Oil

Peak Oil On this Podcast we burn the midnight oil on a journey to the point of Peak Oil. A hypothetical and yet seemingly inevitable point at which the global production of fossil fuel hits it's maximum and enters a period of rapid decline ending in complete exhaustion. Leading to a situation where Earth's booming population growth is faced with the loss of the energy source that has been THE driving factor behind the industrial revolution and technological advancements of...

The Zika Virus

Zika Virus On this Blab we we expose ourselves to the latest global health scare whose collection of conspiracies threaten to outstrip the worrying spread of the infected. The Zika Virus has become headline news across the world as it's sweep of shocking side effects have given rise to rampant rumors. With the mass worldwide stage of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro providing the perfect breeding ground for a public panic surrounding the incredible unknowns and...
Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror On this Podcast we take a look at the Amityville Horror. A murder mystery and the ensuing explosion of paranormal claims that are now synonymous with the small New York state hamlet where the unbelievable and horrific events unfolded. Events that are still being documented, debated and fictionally expanded by everyone from armchair paranormal investigators to Hollywood studios. The Amityville Horror has entered the social consciousness as quite possibly the most famous case of haunting, demonic possession and violent poltergeist...


For years debate over the use of psychedelics has raged within the minds of Conspiracy Guys. But it's always been a long held belief that they expand the mind by opening up new neural pathways. If only mainstream science would turn it's well funded eye towards research that could change public perception of the use and value of psychotropics such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Ayohuasca. Well some nerds have been at it, and wired.com has brought us this incredible...

St Anthony’s Fire

Ergotism is the effect of long term poisoning due to the ingestion of the alkaloids that infects rye and other cereals. It also may have been the cause of a mass hallucination that caused a rash of werewolf sightings in 16th century Europe. I have eaten of the root of St. Anthony's fire, ergo, I have become the wolf. Though this particular Wikipedia entry does not site ergotism as the cause of the reports of werewolves and baby snatching canines it does...

For Balance: Celebrities who DO believe the 9/11 narrative

In an effort to bring you a fair and balanced review of celebrities feeling on 9/11 we've searched out the ones who see no conspiratorial aspects and believe the official narrative. Danny Dyer believes them slags did do that thing what the news done said they done. His nut is still out about it to this day. And wherever that nut is, it is FREAKED. In all seriousness though, the celebrities who believe the official narrative of 9/11 are any of the ones...

Different mind altering drugs and their timeline of discovery

Mind-altering substances have been used in cultures and societies all over the world since the beginning of recorded history, and probably before. Shamans, witch doctors, visionaries, the elite and common man alike have partaken in consciousness alteration through the use of substances which are for the most part illicit. It's interesting to keep in mind that alcohol, tobacco and coffee were all classed as illegal psychoactive substances at one point. Also check out this link:  "The 19th-century opium trade was a...

Famous advocates of LSD

In our MK Ultra episode we covered heavily the topic of LSD and other psychoactive substances. It's a thorny issue and one which meets with a lot of vitriol from the anti-narcotic community and the mainstream media. It seems, generally, the goal with the information and discussions on the subject of psychotropics is to: - demonize the substances and their side-effects - and to ignore in entirety the subject of expanding ones consciousness. As marijuana decriminalization and legal distribution become more prevalent around...

Operation Midnight Climax

In the Top 10 list of operation names comes the CIA run Midnight Climax, and it did exactly what it said on the tin. It's something we mention in-depth in last weeks MK Ultra episode. The project was an experiment in LSD and research into its effects. It involved CIA operatives and real prostitutes recruited to lure 'johns' to safe houses fronted as brothels. The unwitting participants would then be slipped various doses of LSD and have psychological experiments carried...

Schedule 1 drug helps beat addiction to other Schedule 1s

Like some other well-known hallucinogenic substances, ibogaine is shown to help beat drug addictions, as well as dependency on nicotine and alcohol. It's also a Schedule 1 substance, the same as the heroin and cocaine people can be taken off with this drug. Side effects include hallucinations, vomiting and tremors. Would you trade years of crippling substance abuse for a few hours of visions and vomitus? Should psychedelics be classed as severely as heroin and crack when they are shown...

Top 5 most shocking CIA experiments of Project MK Ultra

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ff24-xGrSI Lists, lists, lists. Everybody loves lists. Here's a list of the top 5 most shocking things the CIA did during the MK Ultra programme. A breakdown of some of the most shocking experiments carried out during the MK Ultra programme. Remember these are all verified and declassified, in other words NOT A CONSPIRACY. This shit actually happened!




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