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Conspiracy theories to do with documentaries and links to documentaries we like. Movie, tv, podcast and all types of media used to broadcast information, investigation, explanation and uncovering of truth and lies in documentaries.


La Educación Prohibida – The Forbidden Education

In the Espanol, but good closed captions. This documentary raises the question on why we stick to forms of educating, especially with smaller children, that produce people with the inherent desire to learn but without...

Derren Brown Sleeper Assassin episode

Here's the Derren Brown special we spoke of in the MK Ultra and Mind Control episode: Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin In the episode Derren programs an ordinary member of the public into...

Black 9/11: the scariest part of 9/11

From our September 11th episode we only touched on some of the factors behind a possible false flag event having occurred. Our focus was to raise as many of the pertinent questions and present the...

A short, sharp compilation video of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

A short, sharp compilation video of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory. A nicely edited, terribly backing tracked video with most of the pertinent visuals of what we discussed in the Sandy Hook Podcast Episode. The video...

September 11th The New Pearl Harbor

This is September 11th The New Pearl Harbor; a full and detailed documentary about 9/11. This is the definitive and complete pro-conspiracy story and it's almost 5 hours long, so it's not for the faint...

September Clues – The new wave of conspiracy around 9/11 and the twin towers.

This documentary claims that the planes that hit the towers were actually something else. Energy weapons? Missiles? Who knows? But the footage provided here give a clear indication that the techniques and content of the...

Loose Change (2014)

Loose Change is a 9/11 documentary that has been added to and ammended a number of times over the last few years and is arguably one of the most popular documentaries on the conspiracy...