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Conspiracy theories to do with Movies and the world of movies, film and cinema, writers, directors, producers, actors and actresses. Oscars, Cannes, Sundance, Hollywood and Bollywood, the role of movies, how they are used and what they tell us in the world of conspiracies.

What NOT to watch on Netflix: The Time Machine (2002)

H.G Wells: A man before his time As mentioned in passing in our 'D.U.M.Bs: The Ballad of Phil Schneider' episode, The Time Machine, a 2002 remake of the iconic 1960 adaptation of the even more...

Werewolves.com your one stop shop for all your Werewolf needs

Looking for some obscure piece of trivia from Werewolf lore? Or maybe some cool literature on the subject of Werewolf fiction and fact? Or maybe you just want to see a blog updated with all the...


Werewolves On this Podcast we go on the hunt for Werewolves. The mythical creature of a half-human, half-wolf hybrid whose roots run deep throughout civilization and have made them a Halloween favorite across the world....

Emergency Monster Kit for Halloween

Halloween is coming and maybe you're looking out for a good costume idea to put together. You could paint your legs silver and put on a dinosaur suit and get a toy gun and call...


Ever wished someone had made comic re-imaginings of your favourite Super-heros as Manatees? Of course you have. Your life has led up to this point. There's Marvel and DC ringers a plenty here. And there are...

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers! Check out this list of 10 Famous people who all have varying degrees of disbelief with the official 9/11 narrative. There's a couple of Estevez's, a Hulk and...

E.T. discovered in New Mexico desert! The game, the terrible, terrible game

E.T. discovered in New Mexico desert! The game, the terrible, terrible game. Alamogordo, New Mexico is already a notorious place in the folklore of Extra Terrestrial conspiracies. The nearby Holloman Air Force Base and Alamogordo...

Have you seen this video of an alien? Actually, it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead

If you haven't already spotted this kooky video of this strangely smiling alien creature then here it is in all it's glory. It's actually a scene from the brilliant Spike Jonze movie Her featuring lead...

The Ouija Board in The Exorcist in 1973 where it got its occult reputation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qK58CZslAs The Exorcist was the scariest movie of its time, banned in some countries, it tells the tale of a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon after playing with a Ouija Board. This...