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Conspiracies theories surrounding the world of music. Singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, and record companies. From assassinated musical heroes to subliminal imagery and messages in music and music videos and the role of music and it's culture on society.

Paul McCartney is Dead

Paul McCartney is Dead On this Podcast we break out the Beatles records as we cover the theory that musical icon Paul McCartney is dead. A rumor that in 1966 the southpaw songwriter was killed in a tragic car accident and that somehow he was secretly replaced with an impostor. One who continued in his position in the biggest band in history and is still playing the part of Paul McCartney today. The ex-Beatle now stands as a billionaire music...
kurt cobain's suicide note nevermind photoshoot

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note

Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note Over twenty years ago on this date, April 5th, we lost one of the great voices and talents of a musical generation. Three days later, his body was found in his Seattle home by VECA Electric employee Gary Smith, dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. In case you haven't already guessed, we're not talking about Dewey L. Fausett, descendent of George Washington and WW2 veteran. We're talking about Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist for...
Kurt Cobain Smiling

Media blame copycat suicides on Kurt Cobain

Why copy Kurt Cobain and not Elvis Presley? Elvis Presley died over weight, with nearly 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter in his colon, and hopelessly addicted to prescription pain killers while having a shite on the toilet. I never heard of any teenagers doing a copycat version of that death, did you? The romanticised typical rockstars death that Kurt Cobain suffered has been the main focal point of the conspiracy surrounding him and his relationship to Courtney Love and...
Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain On this Podcast we cover the mercurial life and mysterious death of Kurt Cobain. The international musical icon whose meteoric success was only rivaled by his self-destructive drug habit. His life's work as the lead guitarist and singer of Nirvana brought him to the very top of musical adoration. And his artistry apparent in both his lyrics and artwork have cemented his place as seminal force in musical history. Changing the face of music in the early 90's and...
the assassination of john lennon

The Assassination of John Lennon

The Assassination of John Lennon On this Podcast we cover the life and death of one of the most influential cultural figures of the 20th century in the assassination of John Lennon. A man, by his own admission, was at one stage bigger than Jesus. Through his world changing musical career with the Beatles and the Plastic Ono band to his tireless dedication to the role of activist with wife and artistic partner Yoko. It was this cause to end...

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers! Check out this list of 10 Famous people who all have varying degrees of disbelief with the official 9/11 narrative. There's a couple of Estevez's, a Hulk and possibly more than one lesbian in there too. And at least 2 of the people on the list are on drugs right now. Literally now, whenever you're reading this. But there's no Sean Penn thankfully. Want to have a listen to our September 11th Podcast to revisit...

Famous advocates of LSD

In our MK Ultra episode we covered heavily the topic of LSD and other psychoactive substances. It's a thorny issue and one which meets with a lot of vitriol from the anti-narcotic community and the mainstream media. It seems, generally, the goal with the information and discussions on the subject of psychotropics is to: - demonize the substances and their side-effects - and to ignore in entirety the subject of expanding ones consciousness. As marijuana decriminalization and legal distribution become more prevalent around...




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