Conspiracy theories to do with TV, the role, position, uses and misuses, power, control and placement of television in modern society, Tv News and information, public funding and misconduct.

Derren Brown Sleeper Assassin episode

Here's the Derren Brown special we spoke of in the MK Ultra and Mind Control episode: Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin In the episode Derren programs an ordinary member of the public into a 'sleeper assassin' activated by visual and aural queues. The episode aims to show how these types of mind control could be hypothetically employed. It's a subject and idea, the sleeper assassin or mind-controlled patsy, we'll be discussing more with our JFK, RFK and John Lennon assassination...

Psychic cold reading

You're at a loss. You have doubts about where you are in life. You've suffered a trauma, or a friend of yours has. You're at the fair and have a few spare coins to spend on Madame Mystic, and she manages to tell you about specific things in your life that no stranger could know. Psychic, or cold reading? Cold reading is the art of educated guessing. From Sherlock to Long Island Medium to the rough-looking gypsy that hangs out... your one stop shop for all your Werewolf needs

Looking for some obscure piece of trivia from Werewolf lore? Or maybe some cool literature on the subject of Werewolf fiction and fact? Or maybe you just want to see a blog updated with all the latest Lycanthropy news from around the globe. Then we assume you've been to A one stop shop stocked with a handy timeline of the Werewolf mythos and how it's taken in by every major culture and religion. As well as archived posts of the lore and tales...


Werewolves On this Podcast we go on the hunt for Werewolves. The mythical creature of a half-human, half-wolf hybrid whose roots run deep throughout civilization and have made them a Halloween favorite across the world. The stories of werewolves have permeated every facet of media with the creatures now synonymous with tales of vampires and ghoulish monsters. But it's their modern move into the world of fantasy fiction that has truly cemented their place as a cornerstone in the canon...

Emergency Monster Kit for Halloween

Halloween is coming and maybe you're looking out for a good costume idea to put together. You could paint your legs silver and put on a dinosaur suit and get a toy gun and call yourself Oscar Prehistorious. You COULD do that. And maybe you SHOULD do that. But we'd like to offer you something else to spend your sheckles on at this time of year. Super handy monster kits from the good people at They have a Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire and even a...

For Balance: Celebrities who DO believe the 9/11 narrative

In an effort to bring you a fair and balanced review of celebrities feeling on 9/11 we've searched out the ones who see no conspiratorial aspects and believe the official narrative. Danny Dyer believes them slags did do that thing what the news done said they done. His nut is still out about it to this day. And wherever that nut is, it is FREAKED. In all seriousness though, the celebrities who believe the official narrative of 9/11 are any of the ones...


Ever wished someone had made comic re-imaginings of your favourite Super-heros as Manatees? Of course you have. Your life has led up to this point. There's Marvel and DC ringers a plenty here. And there are even complete X-Men and Justice League line-ups. Batmanatee Spidermanatee And our personal favourite: Aquamanatee Check them all out here. And the first person to name all of them in the comments wins our deepest respect.  

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers

Celebrities you didnt realise were 9/11 truthers! Check out this list of 10 Famous people who all have varying degrees of disbelief with the official 9/11 narrative. There's a couple of Estevez's, a Hulk and possibly more than one lesbian in there too. And at least 2 of the people on the list are on drugs right now. Literally now, whenever you're reading this. But there's no Sean Penn thankfully. Want to have a listen to our September 11th Podcast to revisit...
Channel 4 series Utopia

Utopia: some great conspiracy fiction from Channel 4

We are now five episodes in to the weekly Podcast on all things conspiratorial and paranormal. We're hoping we are presenting some interesting and relevant information in as honest, understandable and self-applicable way as possible. The goal for us is only to highlight some things going on in the world you may not have known about previously, and to maybe start that spark of intrigue in our listeners minds. So with that said, if you do feel that insatiable hunger for...

Derren Brown shows us a version of Ouija and the ideomotor effect As part of his show Seance, Derren Brown tries to explain the victorian parlour games of which Ouija and the practice of communicating with spirits originated from. In this video Derren Brown shows us a version of Ouija and the ideomotor effect and how group thought and involuntary reactions can cause movement. The Ouija Board is tonights podcast topic and we will discuss this strange scientific phenomenon and more. If you have an opinion on Ouija, please leave a comment...

September 11th The New Pearl Harbor

This is September 11th The New Pearl Harbor; a full and detailed documentary about 9/11. This is the definitive and complete pro-conspiracy story and it's almost 5 hours long, so it's not for the faint hearted, but every topic and every question is raised pertaining to the day.

Squibs or puffs of smoke

This 2 minute video shows the squibs or puffs of smoke coming from the twin towers. They are used in demolition and can be seen on the video of the towers falling.

Planes must hit steel – George Bush reads ‘My Pet Goat’ and listens while...

Here is the video that Sean was talking about in this weeks podcast. The teacher is reading out words in the presence of President George Bush and the kids read 'planes must hit steel' from a board of 'random' words. They don't read them in order obviously, but we were doubtful of our guest when he told us about this. It seem like a bit of a wierd coincidence but here is the video proof. Click here to listen to...




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