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Conspiracy theories to do with Aliens and UFOs, the existence, interference and interpretation of aliens, flying saucers and spaceships, extraterrestrial and ancient terran life and their equipment, knowledge and technology in science medicine, energy, travel and mentality.

the legend of atlantis

The Legend of Atlantis

The Legend of Atlantis On this Podcast we go in search of the mythical isle that has intrigued society for over two millennia. The Legend of Atlantis has become one of the great tales of ancient human history. A story whose mysterious nature has seen it carried through every culture exposed to it's storied fable of the Gods who made it's island paradise their home. The tale of an unrivaled civilization with technological and supernatural wonders, and the cataclysmic doom...
disclosure project bannervideo

The Disclosure Project: Introduction

The Disclosure Project - Aliens Among Us Picture, if you will, a world before 9/11. We had just squeezed through the millennium, our houses full of batteries and tinned food, our computers covered in "Y2K-Proof" stickers that in the end were worth more than the work done to make those computers worthy of that sticker. Hope still lived in the West that we could push on towards a bright and prosperous tomorrow, filled with technological marvels and lasting peace. Perhaps...
Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth

The Mystery of the Hollow Earth On this Podcast we set out to explore the mercurial mystery of the Hollow Earth. The tantalizing theory that the core of our home planet houses a cavernous realm existing right under our feet. A savage land of prehistoric plants and animals, and maybe even a hyper advanced civilization of extra or primary terrestrials. Every religion and culture of human kind has had tales of other world's existing within the planet. From ancient Nordic,...

NSFW: The Death of Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider was always near death This time we talk about The Ballad of Phil Schneider and his connection to the over-arcing conspiracy of Deep Underground Military Bases. The existence of DUMBs, their inexplicable size and connected global network and their long rumoured housing of Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities is a large and sprawling theory that takes in decades of claims and numerous UFO and Secret Military researchers. Phil Schneider however is inextricably linked to all of this. His claims that he...

Stranger at the Pentagon: The story of Valiant Thor

Dr. Frank E. Stranges One of the great tenants of the huge Extra Terrestrial/UFO lore that has blanketed conspiracy theories for over 80 years, and one which has enthralled certain fringe 'believers': the story of Valiant Thor. The story stems from a book by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Stranger at the Pentagon, first published in 1967. Dr. Stranges (not the Marvel one) was a Christian preacher and founder of International Evangelism Crusades, as well as being a UFO hunter and freelance private...
Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin On this Podcast we look at the life and works of Zecharia Sitchin. Sometimes amateur and sometimes professional author, investigator, anthropologist and historian. A man with a new take on the oldest story ever told. With his Earth Chronicles series of books he sought to rewrite the records of humanity as he presented an alternate version of our creation. One in which ancient alien overlords came to Earth and created humans, a hybrid slave race, to do their...
The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing On this Podcast we discuss one of the sacred cows of conspiracy. One whose legacy of wild theories and analysis of constantly updating information have built to a critical mass for the better part of 50 years. The debate surrounding the crew, rocket, footage, and even the very existence of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission rivals that of 9/11 and the rumored Roswell UFO crash. We'll look into the enigmatic mystery that follows one...
nibiru and the anunnaki

Nibiru and The Anunnaki

Nibiru and the Anunnaki On this Podcast we gaze skyward at the fervent and continuing rumors of a 10th Planet and the alien species that reside there, Nibiru and the Anunnaki. A secret world, an undiscovered member of our own solar system that orbits far out away from our celestial family of planets. But the theories also suggest it is the home of an ancient race of aliens. A race which through genetic manipulation and historical and religious lore are...

Derinkuyu: Turkey’s Ancient Underground City

As mentioned in our D.U.M.Bs in Dulce: The Ballad of Phil Schneider episode. Derinkuyu is the deepest known underground settlement in the world. Discovered in the Cappadocia region in central Anatolia, Turkey in 1963 it was expanded by many civilizations to its current size of being able to house over 20,000 people and enough food stores, livestock, tools and weaponry to fully sustain that compliment of inhabitants for years. It is also complete with its own ventilation system and fully function fresh water...
DUMBS and Phil Schneider

DUMBS and Phil Schneider

DUMBS and Phil Schneider On this Podcast we delve into the claims of Deep Underground (or undersea) Military Bases and their some rumored, some confirmed existence dotted all over the globe. The story of DUMBS and Phil Schneider the main advocate for the conspiracy theories connects into numerous other theories of aliens and hidden advanced technologies. These 'blacksites' as they are known are said to often be beyond government oversight and reside on hidden budgets with clandestine hierarchies. The rumors...

UFOs explained away with the classic ‘Swamp Gas’ story

In March 1966 in Ann Arbor, Michigan a large number of UFO sightings were being reported. At the The time the UFO phenomenon was still cresting through the mainstream media and public opinion. Reports ran to as far as Ohio and came from Police officers and other civil service personnel as well as many faculty and students of the University of Michigan and other colleges as well as many credible civilian sightings. The descriptions of what was seen range from...

E.T. discovered in New Mexico desert! The game, the terrible, terrible game

E.T. discovered in New Mexico desert! The game, the terrible, terrible game. Alamogordo, New Mexico is already a notorious place in the folklore of Extra Terrestrial conspiracies. The nearby Holloman Air Force Base and Alamogordo Air Field are rumored to have hosted all manner of man-made, and not so man-made, UFO craft. There's even talk of a 1955 meeting between President Eisenhower and some landed Alien beings, a topic we'll be covering in a future episode. However a more recent E.T....

Sightings of UFOs around nuclear weapon sites

From 1948 the US have had reports from military personnel that Unidentified Flying Objects have been deactivating their missiles and weapons systems. This is in the middle of a country-wide frenzy of UFO sightings that gripped the US after the news reports of The Roswell Incident in 1947. But these sightings and the actions these crafts occupants take, continued well on into the 1970s. At the Disclosure Conference in 2001, where up to 400 first hand witnesses claimed to have...

A – Z of Aliens

What's looking down from the night sky? Who's probing cattle or beaming up humans. Squat little big headed fellas, or Nordic looking types? A lot of abduction or encounter stories are hard to understand. Especially when the type of alien welcoming you to the mother ship, or introducing your rectum to a cold and malleable other wordly device concerned with extra terrestrial colonscopies, can range from insectoids to reptilians. According 3rd and 4th kind encounters there are a whole lot of...

The Roswell Museum

The main line was that a weather balloon had been misidentified as a crashed UFO. Years later we learned about Project Mogul, a WMD detection programme featuring classified acoustic based weather balloons searching for Russian nukes. Seems to explain everything...almost... Why did local newspaper, the Roswell Record, report a crashed UFO and several alien bodies? And are there any shreds of truth to the claims of finding space tech materials or viewing classic 'Greys' on a gurney? This is a link to...




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