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    Cults and Religious Sects

    Conspiracy theories to do with Cults and Religious Sects, the ancient and historical religions of mysticism and voodoo to the modern organized religious institutions, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and their history and control and alternative, fringe, secret and dangerous cults and societies operating throughout modern society and culture.

    the georgia guidestones
    The Georgia Guidestones On this Podcast we cover the Georgia Guidestones. A set of granite tablets likened to America's Stonehenge and inscribed with a cryptic message copied in many different languages. The incredible celestial markings of the site draw further connections with ancient monolithic sites around the globe. The fever around the Georgia Guidestones has only grown since their appearance...
    Denver International Airport On this Podcast we stopover at the travelers thoroughfare and one of the most disturbingly dressed and suspiciously sized public buildings in the world. The Denver International Airport has been the subject of speculation and intrigue ever since it's opening in 1995. Tales of incredible excavations and underground installations that belie a massive underground base and dark...
    Charles Manson and The Manson Family
    Charles Manson and The Manson Family On this Podcast we look at the pseudo religious, psycho sexual, drug induced, identity erasing cult that graduated into a murderous gang that sought to ignite a race war to end all society. The archetype case of murder by mind control. The story of Charles Manson and the Manson family runs as a cautionary...
    nibiru and the anunnaki
    Nibiru and the Anunnaki On this Podcast we gaze skyward at the fervent and continuing rumors of a 10th Planet and the alien species that reside there, Nibiru and the Anunnaki. A secret world, an undiscovered member of our own solar system that orbits far out away from our celestial family of planets. But the theories also suggest it is...
    Santa Claus
    Santa Claus On this Podcast we cover the international man of mystery, the omnipotent watchdog of behavior, the personification of generosity and the most famous philanthropist in history. From the man, to the myths, to the legend, it's Santa Claus: the truth revealed. Looking into the man himself and his connections to the Xmas festivities of today and how the...