Conspiracy theories to do with the Occult, Satan worshiping cults, priests, priestesses rituals and sacrifices, black magic, wicca, warlocks and witches, necronomicons and grimoires, voodoo, tulpas and mystical curses, incantations and potions.

Baphoment Illuminati symbol

The Illuminati

The Illuminati: Is there really a secret society? On this Podcast we pull back the veil of illusion and intrigue as we go in search of the fabled Order of the Illuminati. The shadowy secret...
Hitler and the Nazi Occult

Hitler and the Nazi Occult

Hitler and the Nazi Occult On this Podcast we scour the world on the trail of Hitler and the Nazi Occult conspiracy theories. Rising from the ashes of the greatest conflict of modern times came...
spiricom ghosts george meek

Spiricom – Ghost Talk Radio

Spiricom - Talking to Ghosts In the late 60s and early 70s, a new craze was sweeping across Europe and the United States. We're not talking about rock music, psychedelics - although they may have...
Cthulhu from HP Lovecraft Necronomicon


H.P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon On this Podcast we pull back the pages of the tantalizing and terrifying tome known as the Necronomicon. Rumored to be an ancient mystical text and the long fabled Book...
Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror On this Podcast we take a look at the Amityville Horror. A murder mystery and the ensuing explosion of paranormal claims that are now synonymous with the small New York state hamlet where...


The Slenderman On this episode we look at the horror fairy-tale of the Slenderman. A modern myth born on the internet, whose digital tentacles have stretched horrifically into the real world. The terrifying fiction morphed...

The Slenderman – The Beginning

Nothing makes monsters scarier than when they go after kids. It's Freddy Kreuger's whole thing and Michael Myers spent Halloween 4 and 5 looking for his niece. There's something inherently scary about childhood and...


Ghosts and ghouls On this Podcast we go looking for Ghosts. The confirmation of life after death and a connection to the land of the lost. It's the great unanswered question that troubles humanity. A...

History of Ghosts

A breakdown of ghostly sightings from as early as 5 AD. Demons, ghouls and disembodied spirits have been reported by goose pimpled humans for thousands of years but as of yet have not been...

Werewolves.com your one stop shop for all your Werewolf needs

Looking for some obscure piece of trivia from Werewolf lore? Or maybe some cool literature on the subject of Werewolf fiction and fact? Or maybe you just want to see a blog updated with all the...


Werewolves On this Podcast we go on the hunt for Werewolves. The mythical creature of a half-human, half-wolf hybrid whose roots run deep throughout civilization and have made them a Halloween favorite across the world....

Emergency Monster Kit for Halloween

Halloween is coming and maybe you're looking out for a good costume idea to put together. You could paint your legs silver and put on a dinosaur suit and get a toy gun and call...

Proof of Life After Death

Very interesting article on how new evidence may point towards a mysterious life awaiting us after this one. Floating through tunnels of light, watching your body from afar and coming face to face with the...

The Rite by Matt Baglio

Before the movie there was the book: The Rite by Matt Baglio, drastically different from its Hollywood counterpart this book tells the biography of Fr. Gary Thomas as he is introduced to a world...

The Demonologist by Gerald Daniel Brittle

The Demonologist by Gerald Daniel Brittle is the biography about the life of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, and tells the first hand tales of hauntings such as Amityville and Annabelle (soon to be getting...




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