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Psychic Powers

Conspiracy theories surrounding Psychic Powers, ESP, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, matter phasing, mind reading and all the other rumored, claimed and documented powers of the human mind from the real and faked conspiracies.

Derren Brown Sleeper Assassin episode

Here's the Derren Brown special we spoke of in the MK Ultra and Mind Control episode: Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin In the episode Derren programs an ordinary member of the public into...

Psychic cold reading

You're at a loss. You have doubts about where you are in life. You've suffered a trauma, or a friend of yours has. You're at the fair and have a few spare coins to...

History of Ghosts

A breakdown of ghostly sightings from as early as 5 AD. Demons, ghouls and disembodied spirits have been reported by goose pimpled humans for thousands of years but as of yet have not been...
MK Ultra and Mind Control

MK Ultra and Mind Control

MK Ultra and Mind Control On this Podcast we look at the incredible true story of the CIA run Operation MK Ultra and mind control programs, facilities and techniques that were created from it. Programs...

Modern Art used as a CIA Weapon

Interesting article on modern art used as a CIA weapon of propaganda. The CIA accepted former communists into America and lauded their art to show the world what a Russian mind could do after...

The University of British Columbia and their Ouija bot releasing human potential

The University of British Columbia's Visual Cognition Lab is using Ouija to unlock the subconscious. They had participants in their study answer yes or no questions using a Ouija Board with another person. With...

The ‘Rules’ of using the Ouija Board

Everything game comes with an interactive tutorial or a training level nowadays, so when communicating with spirits, possibly demons, wouldn't you think that there should be a set of instructions so you don't inadvertently...

A beginners Guide to using a Ouija Board

The Wikihow Guide to Using a Ouija Board. It's straight-forward (as straightforward as contacting the dead can be) and hilariously illustrated. The simple step by step method advises how to set the right atmosphere. How...

Vintage Seance pictures from early 20th century

12 really quite spooky Vintage Seance pictures from early 20th century, but still charmingly quaint given the combination of horrified facial expressions and turn of the last century facial hair. They range in date...

Is the ideomotor effect responsible for the results in testing for the sex of...

This pregnancy website states you can tell the sex of a baby by putting a wedding ring on a chain, and depending on which way it swings or rotates, you can see if the...
The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board On this Podcast we cast a suspenseful eye over the paranormal parlor game that became a supernatural phenomenon. The mysteriously named and demonically imbued party piece that is the Ouija Board. Covered...

Derren Brown shows us a version of Ouija and the ideomotor effect

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8CUw6coXHk As part of his show Seance, Derren Brown tries to explain the victorian parlour games of which Ouija and the practice of communicating with spirits originated from. In this video Derren Brown shows us...




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