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Conspiracy theories to do with Finance and Economy, money, fiat and digital currency, GNP, national and private banks and banking, gold reserves, rigged interest rates, billion dollar bail-outs and the placement and control of finance and economy on modern society.


Is Monsanto Evil? On this Podcast we turn to the true fuel of the masses for the global debate with implications on the very future health of humanity. The topic of genetically modified organisms has...

The Titanic Conspiracy

The Titanic Conspiracy On this Podcast we crash into the frigid waters and contentious history of the Titanic Conspiracy. A story of lies, fraud, intimidation and murder woven into one of the most familiar narratives...

Peak Oil

Peak Oil On this Podcast we burn the midnight oil on a journey to the point of Peak Oil. A hypothetical and yet seemingly inevitable point at which the global production of fossil fuel hits...
panama papers

Panama Papers: An Initial Primer

The Panama Papers - A Brief Intro If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you might have heard some furore about a leak known as the Panama Papers, the biggest trove of evidence...

Questions from the public about Sandy Hook

Check out some unanswered questions from the public about Sandy Hook! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy_3U-eYLqM Some questions that have yet to be answered. Definitely worth a look if you don't agree that there was any kind of conspiracy.

Adam Lanzas father breaks his silence on Sandy Hook

Adam Lanzas father breaks his silence on Sandy Hook. Peter Lanza, who was allegedly involved in the LIBOR interest rates scandal, has denounced his son as 'evil' and wishes he had never been born. The...

Peter Lanza possible LIBOR scandal connection

Peter Lanza possible LIBOR scandal connection? One of the stranger stories out there on the Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy saga suggests that Peter Lanza, father of shooter Adam Lanza, was possibly involved in the...

The biggest mistake Conspiracy Theorists make

In a response to a Facebook post we got yesterday; we try to give all sides of the story when we take on a subject for our podcasts. We love when people get involved,...