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Organised Religion

Conspiracy theories to do with Organised Religion, the place of major and minor religions that have historically and today excerpted control on mankind, waning and growing, with new religions being created everyday throughout the world.


West of Memphis (2012)

This is the newest doc, of many, that has been made about this case and it shows the aftermath of the conviction and the celebrity filled appeals that were made over the 18 years they were convicted. Other people are implicated in the murder, new evidence is explored, and some people have said its a giant cover up in itself and the three are actually guilty!! Its definitely a must watch and we have an episode about it here where...
aleister crowley

Aleister Crowley

On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the Beast himself, creator of the Order of Thelema and quite possibly one of the biggest cultural influencers of the last century, The Dark Magician himself, Aleister Crowley. From his reasonably comfortable beginnings to the debauched and disease riddled end, Crowley lived to the extreme. A proficient and prolific mountaineer, a poet, painter, novelist, magician, occultist and mountaineer who travelled the world on a perpetual search for enlightenment through questionable sexual...
priests nazi salute positive christianity

Positive Christianity and Nazis

"Like a rising star you appeared before our wondering eyes, you performed miracles to clear our minds and, in a world of skepticism and desperation, gave us faith." - Joseph Goebbels on Adolf Hitler, 1922 Positive Christentum (Positive Christianity) Most people are familiar with the overt symbolism and the belief structures that are part of the modern Christian religion - crosses, salvation through suffering, love for your neighbor, and a chosen Messiah and leader of men who was persecuted and reviled in...

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren On this Podcast we slip into the spirit of the Halloween season with the most famous paranormal investigators of them all. Ed and Lorraine Warren are the Connecticut couple whose names have become iconic in the world of supernatural exploration. This demon dueling duo spent over half a century touring the haunted hotspots of their native north-eastern United States. From their own personal experiences with otherworldly entities they went on to be pioneers in the field...

Irish Mythology

Irish Mythology On this Blab we delve into the mysterious and muddy world of Irish Mythology. It's a topic close to our hearts, and even closer to our feet. The mythical history of Ireland has been interwoven with the modern Irish identity through the age old tradition of storytelling and the iconic Iron Age structures that dot the green and fertile landscape. From the stories learned as schoolchildren to the real life archaeological discoveries and historical record we'll cover the...
Intersection of Church and State

The Connections of Church and State

The Good Friday Agreement (to not eat meat that is) Good Friday signals the start of the Easter weekend and the death and rising of the dear Lord Jesus, many people's personal friend and savior. It got us thinking: just what is this Good Friday, and what on Earth makes it so good? And as is customary, it lead us on a little tangent about the control and connections of Church and State. But first off for those among us...

Jesus Christ: The Christmas Conspiracy

Jesus H. Christ On this special edition Christmas Podcast we look at the one and only Son of God: Jesus Christ, prophet and prodigy, Messiah and minister. He founded a religion that has both aggressively and benevolently reached out to every corner of the planet. A religion that has remained the center of conflict and controversy for two millennia. A man whose miracles and messages echo today throughout modern culture. And whose sock-less sandals, sculpted six-pack and hippy hair combo are...

Proof of Life After Death

Very interesting article on how new evidence may point towards a mysterious life awaiting us after this one. Floating through tunnels of light, watching your body from afar and coming face to face with the alpha and the omega. NDE (Near Death Experiences) have been reported for many years. This article offers them as truth. What do you think? *if you're interested in this sort of stuff check out The Distant Shore by Colm Keane

Paranormal Activity at Duncannon Fort

This is the run down of the paranormal activity at Duncannon Fort, on a ghost hunt I went on a couple of years ago. Didn't see any spirits but there were a few dancing tables, some strange EVPs and a few other ghastly delights. Well worth getting in touch with Wexford Paranormal if it's something that might interest you! //




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