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Social Issues and Civil Unrest

Conspiracy theories to do with Social Issues and Civil Unrest, protest, public movement, free information, riots, rebellion and revolution historical and modern. Everything applying to the front line of people power and the national agendas and consciousness debates of society. We are the 99.999999%

Paul McCartney is Dead

Paul McCartney is Dead On this Podcast we break out the Beatles records as we cover the theory that musical icon Paul McCartney is dead. A rumor that in 1966 the southpaw songwriter was killed...

The Zika Virus

Zika Virus On this Blab we we expose ourselves to the latest global health scare whose collection of conspiracies threaten to outstrip the worrying spread of the infected. The Zika Virus has become headline news...
A protester of Brazil's corruption scandal

Brazil’s Corruption Scandal

Can Dilma survive Brazil's corruption scandal? Dilma Rouseff, the President of Brazil, is currently fighting for her career as constant corruption and conspiracy accusations and investigations rock the stability of her imbalanced coalition government. The...

The Theories – What Happens Next

The second attack at the hands of ISIS this year has left France, and most of the world, scarred by these events. In a city famous for it's melting pot culture that has always...

Syria, Civil War and the rise of ISIS

Attention now turns to Syria and the deepening crisis there, as these attacks threaten to turn the feelings of anger and desperation in Europe and the US into military retribution in an attempt to...

The Attacks on Paris, Friday the 13th of November 2015

While France and the most of the world remain in shock at the savagery and inhuman barbarism of the terror attacks of November 13th, first reports are beginning to add shape to the events...
the boston bombings

The Boston Bombings – Part 2

The Boston Bombings (Part 2) On this Podcast we look at the most visceral of recent domestic terror attacks in the U.S. Surrounded by horrific images of a merciless attack and the martial law that...
The Boston Bombings

The Boston Bombings – Part 1

The Boston Bombings (Part1) On this Podcast we look at the most visceral of recent domestic terror attacks in the US, the Boston bombings. Surrounded by horrific images of a merciless attack and the martial...

Police getting indicted/convicted of wrongful shooting is “very, very unusual”

Ferguson, Missouri, a town that has been the center of the latest in a long line of questionable shootings by law enforcement. Darren Wilson, the latest in a long line of police avoiding criminal charges...

Orson Welles and the War of the Worlds

HG Wells' War of the Worlds is a novel about the long planned invasion of Earth by Martian forces. In 1938, almost a decade before the Roswell incident, Orson Welles wrote and directed a...
David Cameron says Conspiracy Theorists are as dangerous as Isisvideo

Cameron to the UN: Conspiracy theorists are as dangerous as ISIS

This video had us sit up and take some notice; UK Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the UN last month covering the well trodden topic of Islamic fundamentalism. In the 15 minute speech he...

Questions with no Answers

Questions with no Answers: From unsubstantiated amounts of firearms to multiple shooters. Here is a good list of the questions still left unanswered and unaccounted for with regard to Sandy Hook. Jon Rappoprt's blog has...

Sweet Gene on the scene, and possibly a Green Screen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jViclRKcM7A Here's a kooky one for you. Is Gene Rosen giving this interview in front of a green screen? This little 2 minute video looks to expose undeniable media involvment in any conspiracy. If this...

Times Square billboard of Building 7 collapse

The ReThink911 movement has used everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers to get the message of the collapse of WTC Building 7 out to the world. This video billboard is the boldest move to...

WTC7 was a controlled demolition

An unfortunately robot voice-overed 10 minute video about WTC plaza leaseholder Larry Silverstein, where he admits that they 'pulled' WTC7. In this weeks podcast we discuss the motives behind this and if WTC7 was a...




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