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    Future Tech

    Conspiracy theories to do with Future Tech, classified, unclassified, suppressed, released, the fantastic and terrifying, the world of future technologies includes everything from UFOs and weapons technology to clean energy and medical and scientific advancements.

    Nikola Tesla
    The genius of Nikola Tesla On this Podcast we take a walk with the Master of Lightning. The maker of an earthquake machine. A 19th century electric car. Even a much desired death ray. A man that was perhaps the greatest scientific mind in history. From his humble beginnings in Croatia to his pinnacle as the most sought after inventor...
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment On this Podcast we look at the Philadelphia Experiment. A rumored naval experiment operated out of the Philadelphia Naval Yard. It supposedly ran during World War 2 alongside operations like the Manhattan project. It's said that the experiment was into the practical application of 'invisibility cloaking' for war ships via the bending of light. But it accidentally and...