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Charles Manson and The Manson Family

    Sources from our research into Charles Manson and the Manson family, including other videos, websites, characters, stories, examples or articles associated with this topic which include Noname Maddox, the sixties, prison, San Fransisco, The Beach Boys and The Wilson Brothers, LSD, CIA, MK Ultra, Mind control and hypnosis, and Helter Skelter and the race war. There is often too much source material to mention it all or it would be irrelevant in a podcast, like video clips; so some of these were used in the episode, while some were found after recording, to corroborate or debunk the subject matter in the episode.


    Famous advocates of LSD

    In our MK Ultra episode we covered heavily the topic of LSD and other psychoactive substances. It's a thorny issue and one which meets with a lot of vitriol from the anti-narcotic community and the mainstream media. It seems, generally, the goal with the information and discussions on the subject of psychotropics is to: - demonize the substances and their side-effects - and to ignore in entirety the subject of expanding ones consciousness. As marijuana decriminalization and legal distribution become more prevalent around...

    The Manson Family and his MK Ultra techniques

    Charles Manson; an "experienced manipulator of others", spent some of the last months of his freedom on the streets of San Francisco. This was 1967-68, an era where LSD and amphetamines were popular among the hippy movement of the time. Manson learned how to harness the use of these drugs in the influence of "weak-willed, naïve, gullible and easy to lead." Are the methods he applied to break and alter the personalities of those involved in the Manson Family murders...

    Ayahuasca and Possession

    This is an interesting article of an experience with the Peruvian psychedelic Ayahuasca, which is taken as a tea or brew, and has been popularised alongside the modern day drug DMT. The article goes into how suffering may be derived from dark spirits attaching themselves to unknowing humans. Very interesting and worth a read. You can also have a little look at this documentary, "Stepping Into The Fire" for more information about Ayahuasca. If Ayahuasca is something you're interested in trying...




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