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    Sources from our research into mermaids, including other videos, websites, characters, stories, examples or thoughts associated with this topic whcih include pt barnum and the fiji mermaid, animal planet, aquatic ape theory, monstrorium historia, and albrecht herport. There is often too much source material to mention it all or it would be irrelevant in a podcast, like video clips; so some of these were used in the episode, while some were found after recording, to corroborate or debunk the subject matter in the episode.


    Ever wished someone had made comic re-imaginings of your favourite Super-heros as Manatees? Of course you have. Your life has led up to this point. There's Marvel and DC ringers a plenty here. And there are even complete X-Men and Justice League line-ups. Batmanatee Spidermanatee And our personal favourite: Aquamanatee Check them all out here. And the first person to name all of them in the comments wins our deepest respect.  

    Manatees need love too: The sexual appeal of manatees

    The first written record of manatees North America was in Christopher Columbus' log of his voyage in 1492. He wrote of "female forms" rising out of the sea, "but they were not as beautiful as represented." In those times, many folk tales and a lot of the maps of the era were riddled with depictions of mermaids, so it's not that strange that a never-before-seen animal could be confused with the fabled mermaid or siren. Especially by a bunch...

    The Aquatic Ape Theory

    Here's a quick 5 minute video explaining the hypothesis that man has a branch of our evolutionary tree that may well have evolved differently to our homo sapiens selves. Certainly new evolutionary thinking suggests our 'missing link' may well be undiscovered off shoots of our ancestral brothers. The hypothesis here supposes our propensity for water, and other physical traits that point to possible suitability to an underwater environment. Check it out and let us know what you think of this new hypothesis. To...

    Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes

    In this video Elaine Morgan give us the theories behind this pseudoscientific study into the evolution of man. She asks questions of modern science, and why they are still struggling with missing parts of our evolutionary history. Aquatic Ape Theory suggests that we developed from Apes, surely, but how are humans and apes so similar yet so different. Many anthropologists suggest that this was our time in the water. An almost amphibious age in our development, would lead us to...


    Mermaids On this Podcast we dive into the undersea world of the much maligned marine cryptid that are Mermaids. The half fish half human hybrid riddled throughout a multitude of mankind's folklore. The current depiction of Mermaids sees them as skilled sirens who sometimes soothe weary seamen with their alluring singing and beautiful looks. But theses siren songs are the sounds of death, luring dehydrated, rum soaked and scurvy suffering sailors down to Davy Jones' locker where they feed on the...


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