What really happened to WTC 7?

Conspiracy talk goes in many directions, and branches into even more tangents, but the most common topic that arises in relation to conspiracies is September 11th 2001. The most popular tangent from that discussion is usually World Trade Center building 7, and more specifically the inconsistencies with it’s destruction that day.

From it’s unique position as the only skyscraper ever recorded to have completely collapsed due to fires to the numerous news reports of the building having been destroyed before it fell, the conspiracy theories surrounding this building moved to it’s purpose on the day and even the type of sensitive information it held. It’s a key cornerstone of many conspiracy theorists when talking about that day.



But words can only get one so far.

How can you believe 911 was a hoax?

In our opinion the best starting point when broaching this subject with a newbie or the most immediate riposte when asked how you could believe conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 is to just watch the collapse of World Trade Center 7. A building hit with falling debris from Towers 1 and 2, starting fires, which according to the NIST report was the main cause of the collapse.

The many different angles of the building’s collapse give a powerful and accessible voice to the many varied ideas that make up 9/11 conspiracies. Something that the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth group through the Rethink 9/11 campaign thought as they put up a billboard video of a loop of the building 7 collapse in Times Square in September 2014.

So here it is folks. As if someone had let John Woo loose on the myriad of footage from the day. Featuring the live news reports of journalists and firefighters predicting the collapse before it happens. Shot after shot of what looks to us like a 47 story building falling perfectly into it’s own footprint in a fashion that would be the pride of demolition experts anywhere. A collapse which took under 10 seconds start to finish.

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