E.T. discovered in New Mexico desert! The game, the terrible, terrible game.

Alamogordo, New Mexico is already a notorious place in the folklore of Extra Terrestrial conspiracies. The nearby Holloman Air Force Base and Alamogordo Air Field are rumored to have hosted all manner of man-made, and not so man-made, UFO craft. There’s even talk of a 1955 meeting between President Eisenhower and some landed Alien beings, a topic we’ll be covering in a future episode.

However a more recent E.T. discovery has been made in a landfill in Alamogordo. A Microsoft backed excavation into the landfill known to have been used for dumping obsolete computer hardware began in 2013. But it was only recently they found the copies of the game E.T. still sealed in bundles in shipping boxes. A nice chance to expose the embarrassments of a fellow gaming consoleer, but what Microsoft is actually looking for is anyone’s guess? It’s obviously some kind of Tesseract though right?

It seems the game was so terrible it was banished to the bottom of a landfill along with thousands of other unsold titles which the bigwigs at Atari didn’t want the world to see. It’s these same bigwigs that turned down a deal to distribute the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983.

The game received a huge push in marketing upon it’s release but was created in just 6 weeks to meet a Christmas 1983 deadline. Along with Pacman 2600, a game that Atari produced more copies of then they had built consoles, it’s cited as the reasons Atari never took hold the way Nintendo swept the world from 1985 to 1987.
E.T. The Game comes in at number one of this WatchMojo list of the 10 worst video games ever.

Check out this weeks episode for the lowdown on the goings on at another New Mexico site. The Roswell Incident is out now.

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