badminton essay in spanish website writing services other drug like viagra soldier 2020 essay levitra weight gain dba thesis cranfield lexapro no prescription product development thesis see atomic energy essay the most beautiful thing essay emotional valence hypothesis follow site which is better viagra or cialis essay ideas for community service write my research paper for me titanic essay online writing services gets co uk item viagra cv writing services usa ivy c burnett columbia essays on modern writers On this episode we talk about a behemoth of a man and one of the most famous serial killers ever; main subject in the TV series Mindhunter and known as The Co-Ed Killer, Ed Kemper. As with most of these cases Ed had a shoddy upbringing and was brought up in a single parent abusive home. His murderous predilections started to show early as he killed pets and small animals.

This very troubled man became one of the most well known killers in the world; not least because of his gruesome technique and the manipulation of the bodies of his victims after death. Arrested at just 25 he spent the rest of his life int he same prison as Charles Manson; where he still resides today aged 71. His surrender, behaviour and demeanour after arrest led him to be a trustee and eventually help the FBI with their profiling work, as we saw in Mindhunter.

A strange man with a dark psyche; and joining me to talk about Ed Kemper is comedian Sean Nolan. You can watch Sean Nolan do comedy hereย or on Instagram hereย but he is very hard to find online otherwise! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you know what he looks like you might be able to find him somewhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

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