Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes


In this video Elaine Morgan give us the theories behind this pseudoscientific study into the evolution of man. She asks questions of modern science, and why they are still struggling with missing parts of our evolutionary history.

Aquatic Ape Theory suggests that we developed from Apes, surely, but how are humans and apes so similar yet so different. Many anthropologists suggest that this was our time in the water. An almost amphibious age in our development, would lead us to lose our hair, stand upright, straighten our feet and a host of other physical attributes that differentiate us from our tree swinging genetic cousins.

So maybe this is where the myths of mermaids come from. A humanoid aquatic mammal, stopped back in its evolution onto land, seen by few and believed by fewer. Science cant explain the existence of these creatures, but it could be a clue to our animalistic past.

Did we have a water stage in our evolution?
Are there still aquatic apes or humanoids in our oceans? Well there are still monkeys!
Is this theory the key to the missing link and if taken seriously by the scientific community, could it change the way we think of ourselves as humans?

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