Halloween is coming and maybe you’re looking out for a good costume idea to put together.

You could paint your legs silver and put on a dinosaur suit and get a toy gun and call yourself Oscar Prehistorious.

You COULD do that.

And maybe you SHOULD do that.

But we’d like to offer you something else to spend your sheckles on at this time of year.

Super handy monster kits from the good people at www.in-case-of.com
They have a Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire and even a Demon Exorcism kit for you to choose from.

So get yourself some handy props and some even handier apocalypse tools now.

vampire kit
All your essential vampire protection in this handy package.


zombies kit
Groovy! A basic zombie dispatching kit. Alternatively could be used for protecting yourself from Ebola!
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