The story of Kenneth Arnold. The man now synonymous with UFO lore. On June 24th,1947 he saw 9 objects fizzing through the sky at incredible speed. He described what he saw as shiny objects, shaped like a chevron, performing unbelievable aerial manoeuvres. Arnold was a well seasoned pilot and a credible witness whose story was investigated by the United States Air Force.
But the notoriety of Ken Arnold comes from his description of what he saw: “…they skipped along like flying saucers hopping off the water…“.

Yeah, just like 2 bed pans!
Yeah, just like 2 bed pans!

The term Flying Saucers quickly entered the mainstream vocabulary and cemented Ken Arnold and his UFO sighting in the history of one of the great conspiracy theories; the existence of aliens.

This 3 minute video gives his amazing story, and does it to the X-Files theme tune!

Listen to this weeks episode to find out more about the Roswell Incident and the history of the UFO.

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