Loose Change is a 9/11 documentary that has been added to and ammended a number of times over the last few years and is arguably one of the most popular documentaries on the conspiracy of the September 11th attacks! Original version of the doc exist but the most popular version is knows as ‘Loose Change: An American Coup’ and that is the version here (as far as I can tell)

Writer Dylan Avery was working on a fictional screenplay about a similar situation when he discovered that there was enough evidence to make a non-fiction version of the story. As far as documentaries go, this one was fairly inexpensive and its proliferation throughout the conspiracy and skeptic community was aided y distributing the movie on DVD for free to some 100,000 people in 2005. With each versions success, more money and more producers were added, until we are left now with a definitive work the rights of which are owned by Microcinema International.

Operation Northwoods is discussed from our JFK episode and parallels are drawn to the Reighstag fire and the Gulf of Tonkin incident too. This is all fairly normal fare for a 9/11 doc but the gem in this documentary is the radio chatter from US army sources asking if this is ‘real world or exercise’. Lots of little rare clips and bits like this make this documentary one of the essential 9/11 docs to get you up to speed on exactly what could have happened and fill in the gaps in the noise and thought litter that is the current story.

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