Charles Manson; an “experienced manipulator of others“, spent some of the last months of his freedom on the streets of San Francisco. This was 1967-68, an era where LSD and amphetamines were popular among the hippy movement of the time. Manson learned how to harness the use of these drugs in the influence of “weak-willed, na├»ve, gullible and easy to lead.”

Are the methods he applied to break and alter the personalities of those involved in the Manson Family murders the same as used in MKULTRA experiments?

Were they programmed to kill using the CIA handbook on mind control?

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  1. Possible that Manson was using MKUltra techniques as Timothy Leary was working for the CIA. Also possible that Manson was experimented on or saw others experimented on in prison and used these techniques on his followers. One thing is certain – Manson is antisocial!

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