Nicki Minaj is not content to be her ridiculous self on her own, she blames the demonic spirit of a little boy named Roman Zolanski, for her misbehaviour and strange accent changes during interviews.

Akin to Eminem’s alter ego ‘Slim Shady’ or Beyonces ‘Sasha Fierce’, Nicki says that Roman comes out, because the people brought him out, and makes her say and do terrible things at the most inappropriate times.

This is indicative of a mind control technique we talk about in this weeks podcast, that was used in Project Monarch, which induced personality fracturing or alters in a young child, through serious trauma. This was then used later to control this person, letting their alter do the things they could not do themselves, like perform, or talk in front of millions? In this video Nicki talks about Roman and where he came from.

Could her alter egos name be a clue to what happened to her? Roman Zolanski? Does that sound like anyone? In the show we talk about how sexual abuse was a tool used in the MK Ultra experiments.

As a coping mechanism, Nicki introduced Martha Zolanski, Romans mother, as a way of controlling him. She is a stickler for the rules and treats Roman as a child, and won’t let him misbehave. This is another arrow pointing to Nicki Minaj having Dissociative Identity Disorder or Split Personality Disorder, which is another of the symptoms of psychological trauma.

I dont know if Nicki Minaj is just looking for attention or if she genuinely believes there is the spirit of a small boy inside her making her do things, but do you think its part of a mind control experiment?
If so WHY Nicki Minaj?
Why are so many celebrities claiming this split personality as a way to cope with performing?
Is it a natural human defence to the trauma of being constantly in the spotlight?
Do the techniques of MK Ultra or Project Monarch have any relevance in the modern day?


Let us know what you think.

Tell us what you think!

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