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  1. We already like Mark Thomas, a pioneer of the conspiracy game, and along with early Channel 4 auteur Chris Morris, a huge influence on the young Conspiracy Guys. The People We Like section is more a thank you for all the hardware and software providers that make the Podcast and this website possible, and anyone we think we might get some free swag from!

  2. Yo, great show! Each episode makes me laugh, kudos!

    I would love to hear you guys do a one off or so with the Mysterious Universe podcast blokes, I think it could be ridiculously entertaining.

    Also your chap with the impressions is bloody good at them (CIA sasquatch needs a cartoon or something).

  3. Me: Gee’s I’m bored. I’d like to listen to something entertaining and insightful. Hmmm, conspiracy guys. Ok, let’s give it a crack……[two hours into Mormon ep] Great now I gotta listen to all of these episodes.

    Hooked. Great show. Interesting but not over the top with emotional influences and biases.

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