Like some other well-known hallucinogenic substances, ibogaine is shown to help beat drug addictions, as well as dependency on nicotine and alcohol. It’s also a Schedule 1 substance, the same as the heroin and cocaine people can be taken off with this drug. Side effects include hallucinations, vomiting and tremors. Would you trade years of crippling substance abuse for a few hours of visions and vomitus?

Should psychedelics be classed as severely as heroin and crack when they are shown to be much less destructive, and actually even helpful?

Do you think we have the rights to our own bodies and minds and how we choose to alter them?

Also, check out the guy Howard Lotsof who discovered it, him and some junkie pals tried some out of a lab in 1962 (hadn’t been outlawed by then) and discovered they all wanted to get clean. Call Hollywood, that’s at least an Oscar nominee

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