TeePublic T-Shirt Shop

Here is our brand new and improved t-shirt shop, where you can shop for TCG designed t-shirts and some awesome curated designs with your favorite conspiracy characters. We have enlisted the help of some very talented designers online to help our imaginations come to life, so we can bring you these weird and wonderful t-shirts, and we’ve also thrown in the talent of some other artists too. Click here to visit the TeePublic merchandise shop where you can browse hundreds of Those Conspiracy Guys related designs.

We know that something too obvious on a t-shirt would draw unwanted attention, so we went with something subtle and stylish, as well as meaningful and representative of the topics we have discussed on the show. Hopefully every episode will get its own design and you can see what we have to offer by just clicking the TeePublic Logo here. Some of them may be a little risqué, but we are sure you won’t buy one and wear it accidentally if it offends you. Anyway, if you’re listening to TCG on the reg you probably arent easily offended anyhow! We have custom designed shirts from jokes we made in the show or from show topics and they will be in the shop. There are also hundreds of other really talented artists on TeePublic and we have also included their designs in our merchandise shop, so you can have a better choice. We get commission from every sale so it doesn’t matter which you choose, so long as you’re happy and you look good!

There are many types of products you can choose like; t-shirts, hoodies, vests and tops and we use a company called TeePublic to get them printed and sent to you. They even have mugs, notebooks and laptop sleeves now and you can see some examples below. You are ordering from the US so there is shipping but they send them right to your door. TeePublic do all the printing, delivery and returns. All you have to do is choose your design, then your product, then your color and size and then pay.

See our newest design below and just click to go to our TeePublic storefront to buy! The newest designs are inspired by the first episode of Season 4, Sasquatch! And the public have been asking when is our ‘catchphrase’ going to be turned into a shirt, well here it is on all its disgusting glory! Enjoy and send pics if you do buy something!