Everybody enjoys a good work of fiction. It allows you to escape from the humdrum realities of life and take you to a place in your imagination. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 40 something years, there’s one man who doesn’t sacrifice quality while being one of the most prolific fiction writers of our age – Stephen King.

Another person who seems to be interested in the realm of fiction is the creator of lennonmurdertruth.com, Steve Lightfoot. He has put together a collection of evidence – and I use that word in its loosest meaning – that he believes points towards a conspiracy involving Ronnie Reagan, Dick Nixon and the famed author King.

steve lightfoot stephen king john lennon assassination
“Better examples” for sure…

He claims that the photo that was taken on the night of John Lennon’s shooting by Goresh features not Mark David Chapman, but Stephen King, with Chapman later taking responsibility for a crime he didn’t commit.

stephen king john lennon mark david chapman
If you squint and turn your head… it’s still bullshit.

He also points to cryptic headlines and feature letters in big publications like Time and Newsweek in the weeks coming up to the night of December 8, 1980 as veiled instructions for the killer, put there by the government. Confessions by King come under the guise of phrases in interviews and his books, as well as loosely connected subject matter like the main character in The Dead Zone, Johnny, deciding to assassinate a political figure.

Lightfoot is not content to merely observe and report, though. He reaches out to King by letter, asking or accusing him of the deed. One of the points he holds up as a strong piece of evidence is that he received a letter in 1984 from a Dennis C. Lee that reads:

You haven’t got the whole story yet, but since you will not cease your investigation I thought I may as well clue you to PHASE 3.

He compares the handwriting from this letter to one he received from King in 1992, with the word “as” circled in both letters and citing that as definitive proof that they were written by the same person. He also attempts to work in the death of his father in a plane crash on the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation.

steve lightfoot stephen king letters john lennon assassination

steve lightfoot stephen king letters john lennon assassination

steve lightfoot stephen king letters john lennon assassination
What madness looks like

The site is full of madcap plots and tenuous links that he makes, along with a kind of subtext of disdain for anyone who would question or unravel his theory. Conspiracies with tangible evidence and strange circumstances are hard enough to nail down, and it’s lunacy like Lightfoot’s work that muddies the waters of more worthy investigation. If you’re looking for a snicker and a giggle at how far people can go down the rabbit hole of bullshit, check out his website and send him $5 in the mail for his book. Otherwise, I’d steer clear of it and Lightfoot.

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