In a response to a Facebook post we got yesterday; we try to give all sides of the story when we take on a subject for our podcasts. We love when people get involved, and give their opinion. That is the main objective of this website and it’s content, to start a conversation, not a revolution.

We want to get people talking and speculating on the topics we discuss. All our information is from easily accessible sources, and we want people to see it and make their own mind up.

The mainstream news and media channels are providing us with one source of information from the information channels that are available to them, and bound by laws that govern broadcasting. These conspiracy theorists are only providing us with another opinion based on facts they discover or indeed sometimes, infer or just make up based on personal opinion. They are bound by no loyalty to advertisers or to a media corporation with political ties, but at least they are voicing another opinion.

To say there is no over-arching, multi national conglomerate cabal of businessmen and politicians is completely valid, but to ignore the possibility that there could be, is foolish.

Always question your sources and judge the facts for yourself. The biggest mistake that conspiracy theorists make is; they sometimes try to force the other side of the agenda, and often the people who need to be forced are people who have no interest in it, and to whom the idea seems ridiculous.

Given all the facts, people are, for the most part, intelligent enough to make up their own mind; but if they refuse to accept all the information, be it from the accepted version of events or the wild conspiracy theory, then they are obviously content to stay as they are and think how they think. Most often, these two worlds rarely collide and can exist side by side with no contamination to either. The problem arises when one tries to force the other to believe, and we all know how that kind of thing ends up. is a website dedicated to debunking the myths behind the theories that have surfaced about 9/11. It’s about giving that other voice to the people who want to believe and keep the status quo.

Those Conspiracy Guys have no specific agenda and we don’t want to force anyone to listen to our podcast. We want to discuss the facts that are out in the world in an entertaining and easily understood fashion.

We want to hear from you and how you feel about this so please comment on Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you think.

Presenter, Producer, Editor and technical powerhouse behind Those Conspiracy Guys. I am a former comedian and a latter podcaster, who also dabbles in writing, music, photography, and filmmaking. I can also dance, but not well or often.

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