Phil Schneider was always near death

This time we talk about The Ballad of Phil Schneider and his connection to the over-arcing conspiracy of Deep Underground Military Bases. The existence of DUMBs, their inexplicable size and connected global network and their long rumoured housing of Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities is a large and sprawling theory that takes in decades of claims and numerous UFO and Secret Military researchers. Phil Schneider however is inextricably linked to all of this.

Phil’s large chest wound

His claims that he was multi-generationally linked to wild government Black Ops and has first hand interaction with Aliens are some of the most widely circulated ‘information leaks’ around.

Phil spent the last few years of his life, from 1993/4 onwards, working on his newsletter Alien Digest and speaking on lecture tours for UFOlogist Expos.

But it’s his mysterious death in 1996 that has cemented his place as a cherished and revered martyred member of the small handful of supposed government whistle-blowers.

Suspicious suicide

He, like many who came before him including his partner on Alien Digest Ron Rummel who also committed suicide under mysterious circumstances, asserted he had no intention of harming himself and should he meet an untimely end it would be obvious that some agency had silenced him and removed his fervent desire for disclosure.

Was this the outcome of an Alien attack?

So it was that Phil, who was missing the index and middle fingers from his left hand from what he said was a fire fight with grey aliens, committed suicide by strangling himself to death with a knotted rubber catheter tube. Despite possessing the tools for an easier and less distressing suicide (medication and firearms).

Here is a link from the UFO Digest website, the mysterious life and death of Phil Schneider, covering the strange details of Phil’s death and the mystery that still surrounds the facts of the now closed case.

And here is a letter written by Cynthia Drayer, Phil’s ex-wife, detailing her experience with his death and featuring  12 points and unanswered questions that she feels prove his suicide was in fact a murder.

His dead body with strange wounds to his face, chest and shoulders

Here are the graphic images, the first, Phil’s chest injury he claims was also sustained in the 1979 Dulce War, an intergalactic firefight at the site of the Dulce, New Mexico Military facility. The second is a coroners photo of Phil’s body after it was found, the missing fingers and scars are evident, as well as some other more distressing and confusing injuries and bruising.

Let us know what you think of Phil’s claims and the strange events of his death. Do they add more credence to his story for you?




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