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The Keepers – The Death of Cathy Cesnik


On this episode the wonderful Claire joins me to talk about the horrible case of the death of Cathy Cesnik and the abuse that Fr Joseph Maskell doled out on the girls of Keough High School in Baltimore as detailed in the Netflix documentary series The Keepers.

This is a rough one and we dive deep into the personalities involved including the two investigators Abbie Schaub and Gemma Hoskins who hounded law enforcement for documents pertaining to the case as well as doing emotionally harrowing interviews with some of the women involved.

We also meet Jean Werner and Teresa Lancaster who were the original accusers of Maskell. We also meet Gerry Koob and a host of other weird and inexplicably uninformed characters as we try to unravel the details of the case.

Cathy’s body was found in the first days of 1970 and it sparked an investigation into the cruel and methodical abuse that Maskell was a ring leader of, in Keough High School among other spots all around Baltimore in the 1960s. This case goes all the way to the top; with police and other pillars of the community seemingly caught up in the accusations.