The Zika Virus

On this Blab we explore the Zika Virus. The latest health scare that threatens to erupt into a worldwide pandemic on the global stage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. From it's discovery in 1947 we'll track the rise, movement and mutation of the Zika Virus. Now with the spread greater than ever before, and with the shocking affects still unknown, the conspiracy theories surrounding genetic engineering and depopulation agendas have connected themselves to the growth of the infected.


Zika Virus

On this Blab we we expose ourselves to the latest global health scare whose collection of conspiracies threaten to outstrip the worrying spread of the infected. The Zika Virus has become headline news across the world as it’s sweep of shocking side effects have given rise to rampant rumors. With the mass worldwide stage of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro providing the perfect breeding ground for a public panic surrounding the incredible unknowns and changing official response to the slow burning pandemic. We’ll cover the spread of Zika virus across Africa, Asia and the Americas and the up to date science and facts of the continuing research into the still evolving issues.

Zika Virus
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Genetic engineering gone wild

Since it’s discovery in 1947 at the hands of the Rockefeller Foundation the story of Zika virus has collected all the hallmarks of a subject for conspiracy theories. There’s the incredible science fiction subplot of genetically modified mosquitoes. The slow, variable and recently alarming response from the WHO and CDC in America. And the odd connections to existing environmental conspiracies have all added fuel to the accusations of cover-ups. And even fouler intentions, with some talking of the genetic engineering of the virus and the hallmarks of an artificial bio-weapon. We’ll discuss all the theories from the shocking to the tenuous in the intriguing span of Zika virus.

Agenda 21 and the great depopulation

So with the information laid out we’ll talk about the big question waiting at the end of all the different avenues of theories and incredible claims. Just what are the factors for a desire for depopulation? We’ll talk about the science of microcephaly and the philosophy of eugenics. The rumors of societal manipulation with environmental poisoning. The very real debate over abortion and palliative care. And share some arguments for the good and bad of controlling the population. And finally we’ll be opening it up to the audience for some good auld fashioned information interaction.

With the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Type Culture Collection, Oxitec, Sumitomo Chemical Corp, Monsanto, Universitária de Ambiente y Salud, Guillain–Barré syndrome, Aedes Aegypti, Pyriproxyfen, Flaviviridae, George Dick, Alexander Haddow, Ricarda Steinbrecher, Jordi Casals, Juan Manuel Santos, Entebbe, Yap, Tahiti, Bahia, Recife, Rhesus 766 and ATCC VR-84, aka ZIK-V, aka the Zika Virus

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