The University of British Columbia’s Visual Cognition Lab is using Ouija to unlock the subconscious. They had participants in their study answer yes or no questions using a Ouija Board with another person. With the responses averaging out, unsurprisingly, to 50% correct. Then participants were blindfolded and used the Ouija Board with a robotic arm mimicking their movements, or even with nothing, and accuracy of answers rose to 65%.

Dr. Rensink of the UBC study maintains the results were due to human subconscious being smarter than the conscious mind. He also cites that users who complained of too much influence when playing against the robot, or no-one, shows that the subconscious was in control.

The study points to the possibility that the human mind absorbs more information than we can consciously access. The question now for the UBC study is how to create better pathways between the two minds allowing to tapping of the deep memory.

Has this then answered the mystery of the powers of the Ouija Board?

Could the human subconscious be at the heart of many unexplained mysteries?

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