You will be forgiven for giving this article a miss, but the question was raised in our D.U.M.Bs episode of really how big the biggest spider on Earth is, and has had us wondering the answer ever since.

So in line with our mandate here on Those Conspiracy Guys we thought we’d scour the internet and subject ourselves to skin crawling pictures of giant spiders in order to provide you with a succinct terror free answer to add to the wealth of useless knowledge we provide.

However, if knowing the answer to this question someday secures you a triumphant win in a game of Trivial Pursuit or crowns you the king of your local pub quiz then we respectfully claim 10% of your feelings of superiority.

So without further ado, the answer to the question: What is the largest spider in world?

Is the… well, actually it’s somewhat of a dead heat in the arachnoid world.

The official winner is the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula. As the name suggests this foot long monster loves nothing more than to chomp down on birds in it’s indigenous South America. Using incredible irritating hairs that it fires to disorient it’s prey it then clamps down with inch long fangs and uses mild venom to stun it’s dinner. Not deadly to humans, but certainly containing a painful venom it does it’s best to avoid confrontation by hissing loudly when feeling threatened. On weight and body mass alone the Goliath reigns at number one. The Goliath is also known for severe balding which occurs to it’s abdomen as age catches up with it. Hasn’t slowed Bruce Willis down at all though.

The pretender to the thrown is the Huntsman Spider, scourge of Snow White, and terrifyingly one of the fastest spidersĀ in the world. Known for their excellent hunting technique they can scale perfectly smooth surfaces and due to the crab like layout of their legs can change direction and scurry sideways or backwards as fast as they move forward. Found in Australasia, North America, Africa and Asia the largest of their species can have an abdomen up to a foot long with legs that stretch it a further 6 inches making it nearly 2 feet in front to back length. In wingspan and body size the Huntsman rightly challenges the dominance of the Goliath Bird Eater, and wouldn’t that be quite some Game of Thrones to see the two jostle for superiority.

Check out the Conservation Institutes rundown of theĀ 10 Largest Spiders in the World if you’re looking for more arachnid action.

Of course, you are very welcome we didn’t include pictures in this article, and please remember, neither of these big boys are deadly to humans (unless you’re very unlucky to be allergic to the Goliath’s bite) or the very sight of them causes a massive heart attack.

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