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  1. Heavy as fuck episode with all the ssri stuff, me being a previous eater of sertraline, but more importantly… Is Gary available for mucky phone calls? He’s got quite the pant on him #heavybreather

  2. Hey guys, another great podcast. Agree with the extra sexual feel added on this one due to Gary heavy breathing 🙂

    I am currently on Sertraline and was shocked to hear this is one of the ones that is least know about. I definitely felt a change in the first 2 weeks which was like being out of body at times, especially worrying when driving. Having been on them at quite a high dose now for over 5 years now I am looking at coming off them, I am concerned but would like to try. My only previous experience of coming off them are by accident and every time that happens just for a couple of days and I am noticeably different.

    If you want to have more details or shoot the shit a bit about this I am happy to share so drop me an email but I don’t want to really be any more candid on this comment about the conditions I suffer

  3. I was in middle school when Columbine happened. My school was only a couple of miles away. I remember our school going into lockdown for most of the day. I was only in 6th grade at the time and didn’t really understand the weight of what happened. I remember a few years later at my High School in Texas, the father of one of the victims came and spoke to us. The word “hero” was used a few times. This podcast was a great way for me to relive the events from a different perspective!

  4. half way through this becomes a rant about guns, i am not a pro-gun person but that really felt off topic. when are you doing pizzagate, biggest “conspiracy” theory, i dare to say it is bigger than 9/11

  5. Absolutely agree with this podcast! Irish Rules 🙂 in college WE wrote the #columbinecode #love.
    Ssri…..lack of parental supervision….ect


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