Denver International Airport

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Denver International Airport

On this Podcast we stopover at the travelers thoroughfare and one of the most disturbingly dressed and suspiciously sized public buildings in the world. The Denver International Airport has been the subject of speculation and intrigue ever since it’s opening in 1995. Tales of incredible excavations and underground installations that belie a massive underground base and dark hidden secret. A range of terrifying decorative features did nothing to quell the conspiracy theories and only served to focus the finger of suspicion and add to the mythic mystery of the airport and it’s history. Strange accounts of travelers and employees and unexplained oddities and physical phenomena also dog the Colorado hub.

A question of art

The ominous Blue Mustang, nicknamed Blucifer for it’s demonic glowing red eyes and the murder of it’s creator, greets visitors to the airport and gives a terrifying insight to the odd and disturbing artwork inside. The gargoyles hiding in luggage. The cryptic engraved floor messages. The 20 foot tall statue of Egyptian God Anubis. And the now infamous murals depicting an apocalyptic fascist takeover, a society crushing stormtrooper, a dying poisoned environment, the bodies of children in coffins, all culminating in a population handing over their weapons and sovereignty for the hope of peace. We’ll explore all the artwork, their histories and interpretations and the theories that attempt to reconcile them.

DUMBs in Denver

We’ll also discuss the theories of a military base or underground Raccoon City installation that is rumored to be the headquarters and staging ground for the New World Order final solution and enslavement of humanity. Exponents of the theory pointing to the Freemason dedicated capstone that proclaims the New World Airport Commission as behind the building. There’s also reports from employees of the vast underground network of caverns and the strange constructions in the long over date and over budget project. We’ll cover every corner of the second largest airport in the world and the claims of supernatural, extra terrestrial and Illuminati connections that surround the Denver International Airport.


  1. Colorado does have extreme temperature changes, especially in the Spring and Fall. It can easily drop 40-50 degrees within 30 minutes whenever a cold front moves in from the north. I’ve had my windshield go from a small chip to a full crack from corner to corner during rapid temperature changes while driving. Having said that, I don’t know how that would actually affect a windshield of an airplane and Blucifer really needs to find a new home!


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