James Holmes and The Aurora Cinema Shooting

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james holmes and the aurora cinema shooting
james holmes and the aurora cinema shooting

James Holmes and the Aurora cinema shooting
James Holmes – The Batman Cinema Shooter

James Holmes and The Aurora Cinema Shooting

On this Podcast we look at the shocking and surreal mass shooting event that rocked Colorado in 2012, James Holmes and the Aurora cinema shooting he perpetrated, represent yet another landmark event in the horrible history of United States gun violence. An event that appalled society, ignited debate and generated conspiracy theories. But as the terrifying details of this Hollywood horror attack exploded across the mass media the world became captivated with story of an atrocity that played out like the pages of a comic book. The story of a normal young man who turned into a criminally insane, violent psychopath with dyed orange hair, gas mask, arsenal of weapons and booby trapped lair.

The Lone Wolf Story

At a midnight screening of the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ James Eagan Holmes entered Theater 9 of the Century 16 cinema in Aurora and with tear gas, AR-15 and shotgun killed 12 people and wounded 70 others in a ruthlessly planned and executed attack. Within minutes, Holmes was arrested at his car just behind the cinema. Within an hour processed in a comatose state. And within 12 hours, in the infancy of the investigation, Police Chief Dan Oates declared the attack a single shooter event.

The man responsible declared “I am the Joker”. Not long after, under growing inconsistencies and oddities in the information, the conspiracy theories of a false flag event began to emerge.

The Theories

We’ll cover all the big questions surrounding the shooting. The conflicting witness reports of two shooters, an accomplice in the theater and others injured in a possible failed attack in theater 8. Questions over the shooter’s accuracy rates, anomalous arrest and the extra gas mask. The issue of the resources and skill required to carry out the bomb rigged apartment and shooting. The emergency radio chatter highlighting numerous other suspects. The MK Ultra connections of James’ mind control and ‘temporal illusion’ college course. The Sandy Hook connections of his father Robert Holmes. The incredible outbursts and insane testimony and shocking revelations of the trial. And the claims that Holmes himself has been switched out in court. We’ll screen every angle of the rumors of crisis actors, false flags, blood trails, programmed assassins, CIA handlers, crazy coincidences, the gun control debate, the financial elite and the Illuminati imagery of a mystery befitting of the world’s greatest detective. We go on the trail for the evidence of conspiracy in James Holmes and the Aurora cinema shooting.


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