Life on Mars

Life on Mars

On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the most intriguing mystery in our solar system and possibly the key to unlocking the knowledge behind our entire civilisation, finding out where the human race comes from and discovering whether or not we are alone in the universe; we’re talking about Life on Mars The first human recordings of Mars are from more than 3000 years ago in China; since then many civilisations have marvelled over the Red Planet. In the 18th century more details were discovered and a wave of Martian lore began to emerge including tales of men from outer space that wish to conquer the earth.

Canals, ice caps, and remnants of what seemed to be evidence of intelligent life all were now visible on the surface with early astronomical equipment. This threw Mars into the spotlight for writers and imagineers, who created intricate worlds of imagination and were the fuel for 200 years of fascination with little green men. The 20th Century brought with it a more scientific examination of Mars and the archaic and simple science of the previous century was poo pooed. But a distinct fear of the unknown remained with events like Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio drama showing exactly what might happen in the event of an invasion.

More recent explorations have shown that indeed there is something up there; and the modern scientific community has a stalk in their trousers over what the potential of life on Mars means for humankind. Colonisation and development for housing humans after an apocalyptic event maybe? Some say that the mad meanderings about martian men may be making more manned mission to mars merely mistaken or mostly meaningless but many major manufacturing men may make modern mechanisms moving mars material and martian missionaries manageable.

The ancient history of our planet holds clues to the possibility of life on mars and our Egyptian pyramids could hold the key. Their formation and construction has been examined and closely fits stellar constellations and similar structures on the surface of mars. There are also undeniably human looking structures, thousands of meters high known as the faces on Mars.The modern scientific community have their sights set firmly on our red neighbour and loads of speculation about how to terraform the planet is bounced around the internet. Huge polar ice caps and possibly fertile material in the soil mean that we could turn science fiction into reality sooner than we ever though possible.


  1. Guys last summer I could clearly see Mars driving around downtown Denver CO at night. Its almost always visible. Just download the NightSky app and it shows you where to look to see the planets and the ISS and all kinds of celestial objects. I also urge listeners to check out Martian Shergottite samples, theyre some of the only martian meteorite rocks found here on earth. Its an incredibly powerful experience holding a sample in your hand! Cheers!

  2. Hey you guys said in the podcast you would have links up to some of the mentioned items but I don’t see them. Is there a different place to look? Some seem pretty entertaining so id like to look!

  3. Catching up on my podcasts. Just listened to the life on Mars episode. I can thick if one positive fictional Martian/ Mars storyline. DC comics character J’onn J’onz, The Martian Manhunter, founding member of the original Justice League.


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