The Amityville Horror

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Amityville Horror
Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror

On this Podcast we take a look at the Amityville Horror. A murder mystery and the ensuing explosion of paranormal claims that are now synonymous with the small New York state hamlet where the unbelievable and horrific events unfolded.
Events that are still being documented, debated and fictionally expanded by everyone from armchair paranormal investigators to Hollywood studios. The Amityville Horror has entered the social consciousness as quite possibly the most famous case of haunting, demonic possession and violent poltergeist activity ever documented.

The Defeo Family

The terrifying events that surround the horrific house in New York started in 1974 with the shocking and brutal murder of 6 members of the DeFeo family. Killed in a mysterious mass shooting while they slept in their beds. The culprit was the family’s eldest son Ronald DeFeo. But questions were raised immediately about the grisly yet confusing manner of their death and the story of the man later convicted of crime. Questions over the incredible speed of the attack. The lack of witnesses. The fact none of the family were awoken during the shooting. And Ronnie Defeo himself had an icredble story of demonic possession that he attributed his motive to. An other worldly force that instructed him, and took control of his mind, to commit murder. We talk about the DeFeo murders. The problems with the investigation and the connections of the family that may offer another version of these horrific events.

The Lutz family

This terrifying true story takes an even stranger turn when in 1975 a new family moved in, only to suffer their own Amityville horror as a whole new set of terrifying events began. The Lutz family took a chance on the murder house and were prevented with what they say were powerful demonic spirits hell bent on destroying their lives. The told a tale of strange noises and unexplainable physical phenomena. Demonic swine that terrorized through windows. Paranormal manifestations and insect infestations. All culminating in an episode of murderous possession that threatened to repeat the awful events of last family to suffer the terrible curse of the Amityville Horror. We discuss all the events and testimony of the Lutz family and the investigations of vetran paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren.


  1. The first case where the guy shot and killed his entire family in under a minute is unbelievable to me. The theory that I think is the most believable is the mob taking all but one out and keeping the drugged up, lunatic as a pasty. The second case was kind of all over the place but I’d say that the amount of crazy shit that happened before the Lutz family moved in would make it reasonable to believe that the house was haunted. The Warrens confirming it also 100% validates a hauting for me. I do think the Lutz family played it up a tiny bit to get more people interested in the story so that they could make some money off of it but come on, so would anyone else in that situation.

  2. Ah I think the Lutz’s were on the make! They saw an opportunity to turnover a dodgy house and make a few bob in the process! The lies haunted them though, excuse the term! Mrs Lutz had cancer and they both never had a minutes peace!

  3. This is my first exposure to your podcast and think I have found my new favourite podcast! Not only are you very well informed on the topic, but you are extremely amusing. A combination you don’t normally come across.


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