The Sodder Children

Five children supposedly die in a house fire on Christmas Eve 1945, but the parents dont believe they are dead. Interference by local authorities, planting of evidence, and eye witness testimony placing the children in a different location all point to the kids being kidnapped. The search continued for decades but no concrete reason has been found.


What happened to the The Sodder Children?

On Christmas Eve, 1945 in Fayetteville, West Virginia, the Sodder Family went to bed for the last time together. George and Jennie Sodder and their 9 kids went to bed that night and a fire supposedly claimed the live of 5 of the 9 Sodder Children but mystery has surrounded their deaths and suggestions of illegal and suspicious activity plague this case to this day.

Fake evidence and cover-up

A mysterious set of circumstances and witnesses began the growth of the seeds of doubt for George and Jenny Sodder. They didnt believe their children died in a house fire and that something more sinister was afoot. Especially when authorities were planting fake evidence and interfering with investigations.

Mafia Intervention

When witnesses and inexplicable letters and photographs began surfacing the Sodders knew something was definitely up. Could George Sodders sedition against the Mussolini regime in his homeland of Italy be the cause of the fire and the alleged kidnap of his children at the hands of disgruntled expats?


  1. I’m convinced that the reason why no remains were found in the debris was because the children weren’t in the house when the fire was started. It seems likely that the same person who started it also kidnapped the missing five children. George’s origins in Italy and his vocal opposition to Mussolini make the mafia theory plausible, as does the possibility that the reason why none of the kids came forward later on to identify themselves was because they knew that revealing their true identities could mean danger to themselves, their parents and their surviving siblings. All those things compel me to believe that they were indeed kidnapped by the mafia.


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