Agenda 21



  1. So surreal listening to this during lockdown and hearing you guys talking about pandemics!

  2. I am with you on socialism on paper but not in real world. Your podcasts ramble too long. Get to the point lad.

  3. great podcast, have you ever wondered why north America doesn’t adopt Iceland’s geothermal generator technology? might make an interesting podcast topic, free hydro could be a game changer for agriculture,bitcoin mining, pollution,productivity, automation, ev transportation etc, keep up the good work gordo! not many ppl make me laugh and your one of them, good crack

  4. Gordo Im looking for your video content and it seems to be scrubbed from youtube. Where can I watch video of the old podcasts?

  5. What happened to Paul?! Can you bring him back for one episode at least? The episode could be about his disappearanceā€¦


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