Amanda Knox


On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the still mysterious case of the murder of Meredith Kercher, more famously known as the Amanda Knox case. Knox and her boyfriend Raphael Sollecito were arrested for the murder of Kercher in 2007 and spent 4 years in jail until their case was unprecidentedly thrown out and they were set free.

Kircher was brutally murdered in the home she and Amanda Knox shared in a small Italian town called Perugia. They were both on a study abroad trip and Knox and Kercher only knew each other for a couple of days. Amanda Knox also only knew her then lover Sollecito for a couple of weeks and made the case all the more mysterious.

A man called Rudy Guede, a known burglar, was also arrested for the crime as well as Patrick Lumumba, Amanda Knox’s boss in her waitressing job. The police incompetence in this case was astounding and the real killer could still be on the loose. Many think Knox and Sollecito were guilty and the legal system in Italy was torn apart with the release of the two in 2011. The case went to the Supreme Court and the appeal fell in Knox’s favour but not after her and Sollecito’s lives were ruined by salacious tabloid press.

The facts in this one are very much left to interpretation and Claire and I discuss at length the intricacies of the case; the suppositions made by the prosecution including the public prosecutor who thought he was some sort of rock star, Guiliano Mignini. We also discuss the role of the tabloid media in the case and how they swayed the public to presume guilt. Amanda Knox is still thought by some to have ‘got away with murder’ but what do you think?


  1. This is in their “True Crime” section. Not a conspiracy at all, just an entertaining examination of the case

  2. The whole crap thing……burglars are known for doing that when they are burgling houses. I got that from an ex-copper. He
    told me that burglars are sooooo wired up with nervous energy and nerves that they just can’t help themselves, many just do it on the carpet. It used to be thought that they did it out of disrespect, they probably don’t. Just worth bearing in mind……

  3. “She saw a poop in the toilet and said AHHH someone’s dead”! Lmaooooooo
    You made me piss myself! ??


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