On this episode discuss the last taboo and a dark subject that some may not be able to stomach, we are talking about Cannibalism. For hundreds of thousands of years humans, or a variation of humans, have been eating each other, and mostly not just for food. Eating ones enemies or neighbouring tribes is still common practice in remote parts of the world.

Often Cannibalism is seen as a last resort for the desperate and infirm, with famous stories of plane crashes, boats lost at sea, and travellers stuck in the mountains; but it is all too common in regular life too. In the animal kingdom cannibalism was used as a tool of intimidation and control. The most extreme way to threaten ones own species. Or often it is used to dispose of a mate that has served their purpose and is almost unquestionably accepted. But when humans do it there are much more dire consequences. Degenerative brain diseases, murderous blood lust, and extreme psychological disturbance are but a few of the side effects of cannibalism but inexplicably people still partake in the rituals of the consumption of human meat

Some cannibalistic urges stem from a place of sexual desire but you won’t find any such fetish on adult sites like and more, and some see it as an artistic statement on the animalistic nature of man still present in the modern age So are these folks eating other people because they just want to; or do they need to? Is it a deeply rooted natural compulsion or can it be explained by extreme necessity and impossible conditions for the preservation for human life?

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